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This book will take you on a wonderful journey through the flavours, aromas and images of the Archipelago, as the Aegean Sea is called, and its much-praised islands.
For thousands of years the Aegean was the conduit of an amazing civilisation, shaped by the maritime trade routes that led to three different continents, filled with countless peoples, to which it gave and from which it took a plethora of cultural features.
Traditional cuisine has a dominant place within the folklore of the Aegean, as an integral part of its history and culture.
Through the pages of this book the reader will be initiated into the wonderful flavours of the Greek islands and enjoy charming passages from their sophisticated folktales.
Folktales, popular songs, sayings, riddles, etc., accompanied by beautiful photographs of the magical Aegean.

Enjoy your journey!

Mediterranean Cuisine, Ornament.


69 colour pages with 41 select recipes, 17 photographs from aegean sea, 54 folktales, humorous anecdotes, sayings, riddles, proverbs, and customs all relating to traditional cuisine.

ISBN 978-618-82174-0-9

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