We are creating, documenting, showcasing
Greek Culture, together.


“WΕ” are us...

All those people who love Greece, so many it can’t fit us all… Because we want to travel with and share her with the whole world. WE are our two hands when they stretch out to unite with others, to dance, to embrace, to fly to foreign lands and there share the gifts of our country...
Gifts of culture, set on the Sunday dinner table, which was laid out for all the world. It is a table full of light, full of images, sounds, art, and tastes from Greece.

“WE” was a vision of the Art Director and photographer George Chrisochoidis, and has now become the common goal of a group of artists that is constantly growing.

Digital cultural publications

Just as when a drop falls into crystal-clear water and the small ripples travel far, so we too, have a vision that art, culture and our passion will reach all points of the globe, building bridges of communication and introducing Greece to every corner of the planet.

The goal of “We” is, through the use of modern audio-visual media, to produce and publish quality multimedia material that will not only introduce the viewer to Greek culture through images, but will also initiate them into a complete experience, activating all the senses.


The miracle that God gave the Greeks:
it was His hand that tirelessly kneaded
the earth with salt water and generously
shaped it, leaving it to be baked
with wisdom by the sun.

It was this same hand that turned water
into blood, earth into flesh and saltiness
into passion, in order to give birth to people
who are extreme and, for this reason, resilient...

Free of and bonded to this sun, to this light,
who however far from Him they may go,
He calls them and shows them the route along
which to turn back...

Back to the water and the saltiness,
which is imprinted on their faces,
as they are furrowed
by the passage of time.

Illustration, Small Boat