We are creating, documenting, showcasing
Greek Culture, together.


Welcome to the “WE” team!

We would be honoured to have you with us, to share our love for our culture and to have it expressed in the today through your eyes. This is where we collect every form of artistic expression that responds to the uploaded projects or, taking the projects as a starting point, is inspired and becomes created.
As a member of the “WE” team you will have the opportunity to exhibit your work and display your vision, to showcase contemporary Greek culture to the whole world.
Each artistic collection, always with your approval and noting your personal details, will be published in the following ways:

  • on our site at wefeel.gr, under the relevant project category
  • in luxury art books, either printed or digital
  • at our online gift shop, if you wish and are able to sell
  • by participating in touring exhibitions in Greece and abroad

Because together we can make “WE” the digital crossroads that will bring artists, art lovers and cultural organisations together from every corner of the earth where the heart of Hellenism beats.

Terms of participation

The basic precondition for your participation is that your artistic expression relates to one of our existing themes: the Aegean, Crete, Athens. The themes are continuously evolving and being renewed, and so it is a good idea to be always updated through the site or by registering for our Ε-mail.

Our experienced team, once it receives a sample of your work, will evaluate it and, if it is accepted, will send you the collaboration agreement.

Send us your CV and a sample of your work to beinspired@wefeel.gr

The “WE” team is always available to guide you and resolve any questions.

We are creating, documenting,
showcasing Greek Culture, together.